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Capital Credits for Conservation

"Making Conservation Affordable"

When we talk to members about energy efficiency upgrades the biggest obstacle facing them is the initial cost.   As a member of Central Wisconsin Electric Co-op you share in any excess margins (revenues – expenses) the Co-op has in a particular year.  The surplus margins are allocated to members of the Cooperative in the form of Capital Credits and then, depending on the financial position of the Co-op, the board of directors approves returning a portion back to the members.  Capital Credits for Conservation will allow you to “cash in” your accumulated Capital Credits on a discounted basis to pay for energy efficiency upgrades such as insulation, new windows, solar or heat pump water heaters, geothermal heat pumps and electric thermal storage heating systems.  There is no cost share requirement, so depending on how much you have available and factoring in tax credits and rebates your cash outlay can be very minimal. As a member of Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative, YOU get the credit.  Thank you for being a member!  How Do Capital Credits Work.

This is just the beginning as we’ll continue to explore other avenues to help you lower your energy consumption.

For information on Capital Credits for Conservation contact us.



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