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Energy Audits

We are pleased to offer our members two home energy audit options. We would like to help you save money on your electric bill by looking for ways to control your energy use. The best way to do this is to be aware of how much energy you use each month and how it is being used in your home, and don’t forget we offer Energy Conservation Rewards.

Option A
Basic Home Energy Audit
You can easily conduct a basic home energy audit with a simple diligent walk-through. Complete the Home Energy Audit form and Home Energy Audit Questionnaire and return them to CWEC. Once the audit and questionnaire are reviewed by our team, we will give you a call to go over the results, talk about any concerns found, and discuss the next steps. We also use this information to offer energy saving tips. There is no charge for this audit.
     1. Complete the Home Energy Audit and Home Energy Audit Questionnaire, and return both to CWEC. 
     2. Once CWEC reviews the information, we will call you and go over what we found.


Option B
Professional Audit
We’ve partnered with a state certified auditor to perform a more comprehensive audit. This Professional Audit will determine if your home has areas of heat loss, missing insulation, or other energy consumption concerns. You’ll receive a report that includes infrared photos, identifies areas of concern, and lists energy saving recommendations specific to your home. There is a charge for this audit, but rebates offered by the Co-op could help offset the cost.
The cost of the audit is $350.00. We will reimburse the member for the cost of the audit per completed recommended measure up to $350.00 (not to exceed the cost of the inspection).

      Energy Audit Reimbursement:
          Complete 1 measure -$150.00
          Complete 2 measures - $100.00
          Complete 3 measures - $100.00
Each member account qualifies for only 1 Professional Audit every 5 years, regardless of the number of audits performed and regardless of the number of measures implemented.


For a complete copy of the Home Energy Packet click here  or call our office at 1-800-377-2932. Complete Energy Audit Packet-pdf

Home Energy Adventure

For more audit information or to schedule an audit, give us a call.




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