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Outage Notification


Give us your meter or account number and your cell phone number and we'll send you a text message if the power goes out at your service location.

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Standard text message rates may apply based on your plan with your mobile phone carrier.  

1. What does it do?  Alerts you when Central Wisconsin Electric Cooperative (CWEC) is aware of an outage that affects your meter.

2. Why should I sign up?  This service lets you know we are aware of the outage at your location and when it has been restored. As an example, if you left for work and there was no power, you would know when power has been restored. We'll also send an estimated time of power restoration and outage cause, whenever possible.

3. When does it notify you? When CWEC’s outage management system predicts an outage based on reports from other members on your same line. It also notifies you when the power is back on. We'll also send an estimated time of power restoration and outage cause, whenever possible.

4. What happens if I have multiple accounts?  You will receive a notification for each meter affected by the outage. The notification will include the service address of the meter.

5. Why does the message come from 550-50? The 550-50 is the “short code” for CWEC’s text messaging service.  It may be changed on your phone by saving it in your contacts and renaming it “CWEC Outage Notification” or any other desired name.

6. What if it says I have an outage and I don’t?  The message will ask you to call the number provided to let us know that you do have power, 800-377-2932.

7. Will it give me the estimated time when my power will be back on?  Yes, whenever possible it will give an estimated time of restoration.

8. Will it tell me what caused the outage? Yes, whenever possible it will share the outage cause.

9. What if it says my power is back on and its not?  It is possible that two outages exist on a line and the main line was restored, but there still is a separate outage affecting your location. In that case, call the phone number included in the text message and report that you are still out of power, 800-377-2932.

10. Why did I receive a late restoration notice? Even though power was restored at your location, you may not be notified of restoration until the entire line serving you and your neighbors is restored.

11. How should I contact CWEC if I have an outage? Call our 24-hour outage line: 800-377-2932.

12. Can I opt out of outage notifications after signing up? Yes, you can opt out at any time.

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